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Jess, I would love to be listed on your site too. Please come visit me! -Pippi

Amanda Saunders

Love the single mom power! I'd love to be +ed too! -Manda-


Hey Jessica, really enjoyed meeting you in NOLA. SO glad you attended dinner with ChicaLogic. List ChicaLogic on our site as I am a happy single mom of two adorable handfuls and trying to do it all :)

lori fraijo


I recently found and started reading your blog. I'd like to be added, please.


I discovered your blog the other day and can NOT stop reading. Great work. You rock!

Please add me to your list. I'm blogging through divorcing and turning 30 as a single mom. I have one human baby boy and one fur-baby girl. They are my world.

single parenting

Hey Jessica, really liked your work. yes, loved to be added in your list. Single mother power rocks.

Eddie Holland

After 5 divorces myself I like reading your posts. I will have to consider addressing some of your topics on my site.


I just discovered your blog from Ms.SingleMama I would love for you to come check mine out and hopefully like it enough to add to this list :)


Just found your blog, how wonderful. I could have used this 30 years ago when I was raising my son alone. Now I'm a still single granny of to Boyz. Life Is Good.

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    Star Wars-obsessed, Tae Kwon Crazayyy child who eerily/awesomely knows exactly how both high-fructose corn syrup and autopsies work. He also compliments my shoes. My work here is done.

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