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October 02, 2012



I have a small storage bin with an plastic shopping bag to collect the trash and that all I really need to keep the clutter at a minimum. Honestly, having all those other bins you mentioned with food, etc would make the car feel more cluttered to me.

I'm pretty good about keeping the clutter out of my car, though it's more difficult now that my daughter leaves all her toys in the back seat. My biggest problem is taking the time to vacuum and dust it. Not sure how to fix that except to schedule it in.

The hooks for your purse, does it hang on the front of the passenger seat like in the picture? I don't see how that creates more room.

Nancy at Spinning My Plates

We have a rule at our house. If you put it in there, you take it out. I've sent kids back to the car to fetch granola bar wrappers, water bottles, and library books. It doesn't help with all of the crumbs (if you could turn my minivan upside down and shake it, you could probably feed a small 3rd world country), but it keeps the clutter down.

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