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June 16, 2011


Jewelry Making

I am a type of a woman who is not fond of putting colored nail polish because I find it distracting to the eyes.

The Aitch

I tried these and found they were not worth the effort. Cute, but too time consuming, dont last very long and are a bitch to take off.

Although it looks like you're rocking them!

Sassy Single Mom

Oohh la la! I will put these on the list and give them a whirl.

I tend to polish my fingernails with a light color (that way not so obvious when they start to chip), and use bold and *perty* colors on my toe nails. They wear better.

But, these sound ultra-fun! Thanks for sharing. :-)

Candace Walsh

I am going to try those out pronto! I don't get to the salon nearly often enough, and since I dance barefoot at Nia class, I like to have my feet look...less troglodytic and more purty. I also have that same ring in blue and green.

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