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November 07, 2010



Congratulations!! You can definitely run a half marathon.

Ann Carstensen

Jess, your post is so moving...I am fighting back tears with every word I read. I am so proud of you for your determination to finish this race and for your commitment to wellness. Let me know when you sign up for that half-marathon. Perhaps I'll join you (my running shoes are a little dusty and could use a challenge). At a minimum, you can count on me to be part of your cheering section. Keep up the good work!

Dory Devlin

Congratulations, Jess! You are amazing. This, at the end of a very tough week! There's no stopping you! I'm awed and inspired.


SO SO proud of you and like Dory, inspired.

Congrats, Jess. Wish I could have run it with you!


Super, super proud of you, lady. The end of a race that really pushes you is so amazingly emotional, and the fact that this was your first ... well, truth be told, I'm a little choked up for you.


Congrats! What an amazing example you are setting for others.

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