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June 29, 2009


Kim/hormone-colored days

Very touching. Certainly a day to celebrate. I am very conscious of whether people wear bicycle helmets, especially kids. Yes they can be uncomfortable and dorky looking, but WTF? It's protecting a person's most important asset.

Your family's strength is admirable.

Amy Sue Nathan

Your second link doesn't work. :-(

I am in your corner for helmet laws. My son stopped riding his bike when he thought he was too cool for a helmet. In our family, you don't ride without one.

My kids dads was a neurosurgeon. He saw too much of what happens without them. And I'm totally Sister Mary Safety. In that respect we were in sync!

I will always and anytime join your fight for helmet laws!


I'm all about choice, but if you have a family or people that love you, I can't understand not wearing a helmet

Mrs. Fun

This post weighs heavy for me. My brother did not survive the brain injury after a motorcycle accident.He was wearing a helmet along with full protective gear, he did not make it to the ICU.
That was 20 years ago, he was 19.
Off to check the last couple links now.


Oh my, I just came across this post tonight and had to write a comment. On June 29, 1975, my brother survived a motorcycle crash (he was wearing a helmet so had no head injury, but the crash scraped the helmet clear through on one side!). His accident did leave him a paraplegic, though, and I so identify with the anniversary date, the years of tears, etc. He was in hospital for 2 years off and on. Today he is one of the most famous coaches of wheelchair athletes in the world! I am so very proud of him but still cry when I think of June 29. You wrote about it so beautifully....there were, indeed, good times through it all. Our already close family became closer and we shared a lot of laughs in the hospital was the heyday of Sat Night Live and we lived for that show just so we would laugh. Thank you for sharing your story.

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