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April 16, 2009



"microdermabrasion" that word looks too much like masturbation for little tiny people. if i went and did that and woke up with a bunch of satisfied army men on top of me, i'd have questions


I love that you posted that picture of Samantha. And girl, you look FABULOUS. 22 year-olds everywhere are wishing for YOUR confidence, exuberance, wit and charm while worrying that they're too fat/stressing about their roommates and tiny apartments/feeling insecure in their first real office job. Here's to you, and the next "22"!


I can't afford even a spa day for myself. Being a single momma has it's disadvantages. Instead I indulge in reading when I get stressed. Funny enough, I am reading right now a book about how to move on with my life after divorce. "Stop Fighting Over the Kids," by Mike Mastracci. It's no sweet talking romance novel, but it definitely is helping me stay positive and focused with my kids.


ha! too funny !

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    Star Wars-obsessed, Tae Kwon Crazayyy child who eerily/awesomely knows exactly how both high-fructose corn syrup and autopsies work. He also compliments my shoes. My work here is done.

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