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January 08, 2009



This was beautifully written. *hugs*

sarah gilbert

congratulations. and, ohhh. my. i'm glad you had red meat.

you should sell the over-tulled dress on craigslist. or, save it, and offer to loan it to any girl e. dates who's not worthy ;)


Congratulations. This is very well written. Hopefully I'll have my own version to write very soon. Big enjoy your party!


I think we should throw a BIG party!!!! Maybe around BlogHer? I would totally come out for that. BlogHer....not so much! Haha!


Congrats lady, party!


Sending love. You are officially a divorcee -- and hopefully exhaling a huge sigh of relief. xoxoxoxo as much as always....


I just exhaled, with you, for you.

You are most "grace-full" person I know. I am so happy that this ordeal is now over, that you have found peace, that you have pulled through this with such a positive attitude surrounded by so much loving support. I am so proud of you, friend.


you should donate it to an organization that makes dresses for babies that pass away


Sell it on ebay.

All good things come after the bead things end.


I know this is a little late, but you should TOTALLY donate your dress to That's what I did when I got divorced. They collect dresses from brides, designers and boutiques. Then they hold huge sales in cities across the country where the dresses are sold at super discount to new brides. With the proceeds they grant the wishes of women (and men)who have been diagnosed with stage 4, metastasized cancer. And you get a tax deduction! Good luck!

Maggie May

Good job, Jessica. You have done a hard thing well.

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