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March 14, 2008



OK, maybe I'm like retired parents who come in with interesting but not necessarily timely things to interrupt your work...

An example of why people should wear helmets? Nobody out there sees you on your bicycle or your motorcycle.


How much do I LOVE this post. I can't even imagine the same jokes from my parents - but I fully expect to dish them out to my little ones when they are older and in public:) Now how is that for revenge for having to change diapers??

mj aka sugarmama

Bwahahahahahaha! Your parents are a hoot and now I can see where you got the sassy-ness from :-)

My drink traveled out my nose from laughing out so loud! Thanks for making me laugh tonight.

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    That's me. I'm a single mama in the city who is an editor, writer and social media host. I wear inappropriately high heels to the playground and know too much about light sabers.
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    Star Wars-obsessed, Tae Kwon Crazayyy child who eerily/awesomely knows exactly how both high-fructose corn syrup and autopsies work. He also compliments my shoes. My work here is done.

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