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November 04, 2007


Cailey Fitzgerald

Hey, Jessica (I seriously had to resist the urge to type my all-common 'Ms. [insert last name here]')! So... On New Year's eve, I have nothing better to do than to search Google for 'carepage Cailey' (just because I wanted to see what came up... oh, and then the fact that my cell phone service got suspended by my step-mom because I used over my 150 minutes-a-month limit [I was deff not warned of this consequence, I'll have you know!], so I can' t communicate with the outside world [my friends], and thus have no plans other than eating strawberry Popsicles and watching TV with my mom [though thtt's not too shabby]). Anyway, wow, reading this has TOTALLY made for a spectacular end to 2007! I really don't think I can thank you enough! You are truly the inspirational one here though, yo! It seems as though your year is ending a little unexpectedly, but I am totes (my lame version of 'totally') have at least a little understanding of what you're going through (if only from the kid's point of view). My family trip to GA this past week was filled with much family (mainly my step-mom) drama. ut, hey, know that I completely think the world of you! I hope that the New Year brings good fortune for someone who couldn't deserve it more.


Oh, here, just in case you may need it, I'll lend you my new fave phrase -- "Yo. We are NOT EVEN friends." (said with much attitude/disgust). I say it to my brothers all the time. Haha. Okie, if that's not useful in every-day conversation, I hope it was good for a laugh!

P.S. I am deff typing from my new iPod Touch, so if there are typos, they're totes not intentional (I think we both know how I feel about typos and grammatical errors)!!

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