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July 03, 2007



it's eden from blogher. thank you so much for your kind words on my anniversary article, and thank you for sharing the link to your brother's story of survival!


Thanks for sharing this. Today is my survive-iversary and I was wondering how I would word it. My husband and I are now concurrently celebrating 3 years since a near fatal car accident when we were hit by a drunk driver and our one year wedding anniversary. Talk about mixed emotions! It helps to know that there's life out there - that we all move past it - and that survive-iversaries are worth celebrating - and never forgetting. Thanks.

Ajlouny & Associates

Thank you for this great story. I like the term you placed on your brothers accident. It's very fitting.

Rachel Stoneham

Wow, thanks for sharing this harrowing story of survival and triumph against adversity. I hope your readers will learn more about life and how special we all are by reading this story.

Stephen Schaunt

Survival from a terrible accident can bring a family closer together. I hope this story inspires families to be courageous despite all odds. I'm proud of you and your brother.

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