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November 23, 2006



I'm grateful today for many reasons, but the strongest at this moment is my grandmother. As I'm washing my third sink full of dishes I'm listening to her tell the same story for the fourth time today. With a roll of my eyes and a quite smile I cherish this moment. One year ago today we spend Thanksgiving day praying, praying for anything. Praying that God would take her and end the torture or that God would send her around the corner and give her more life. But please please please let Him make a choice and send her one way or the other. It has been a long year filled with pain and recovery, but a year filled with joy. Where today we hear "I don't remember last year's Thanksgiving..." and we are oh so grateful.


hhmmmm sorry about the rambling. :)

Grrrlfriend Jess

That was beautifully-said, 2JMama. I totally get it.

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