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September 13, 2012



I need to do this. I love a good long soak in the bath but so often I spend that time reading websites about babies (I have a 5 month old) and Facebooking, twittering etc. instead of enjoying the rare time to myself after baby's bedtime.
I really need to switch off from it all for at least 5 minutes a day and I think my place will be our bed. Bed is my sanctuary and I can make it all mine while baby girl is napping and husband is at work. The dog might sneak in though.


I'm claiming a spot in our guest room - corner of the bed - it's dark and quiet in there. :)


My space is my closet. It is a walkin with shoes everywhere, the upper shelves are packed, and the clothes rods are sagging from too much weight. But it has a door and I love going in there and hiding to read a book, write in my journal, or just to calm down.


I love my bed. The memory foam mattress pad. The down comforter. The nice pillow cases. A few minutes there is all I need to recharge!


I sit in my bathroom, too! I usually sit on the floor (by the sink) in the dark with the door locked and the fan on. I have been known to drink a glass of wine in there on occasion...


i love soaking in a nice long bath... Candles, bubbles, and my kindle... other times i just curl up in bed with my kindle and low lights with the door closed...

maggie may

I loved this post, Jessica, and the giveaway idea. My place is my bed, for sure. I read or watch tv or have sex with my husband or nurse my baby or nap or eat :) or meditate.. all the goodies in life :)

Amy Sue Nathan

The only getaway space in my house is the bathroom -- and not because of kids, because of dogs. I always put on the fan (white noise) and even ten minutes in the tub can make me feel human. Which is sometimes quite a feat.

Amy Sue Nathan

Ok, who's in charge of secret codes to comment around here? Mine was . I kid you not.


Love this. Sometimes just five min of lying in my bed centers me!


I have a rocking chair that I used when I breastfed my two children but now it just sits in the corner of the bedroom hosting my husband's clean laundry that he never puts away!! After reading this blog I'm going g to reclaim it and try this 5 minute meditation. I want it to work because I need to gather myself!!


My bedroom, but not the bed. I'll just want to sleep through it all. I will sit underneath the window until I can get a comfy bench type thing to put there. It's relaxing,dark and cool with just enough light if I wanted to read something.


For me, anywhere on the floor. I usually like to sit or even lie completely down and just breathe. Thanks for the reminder that I need to get back into doing this!


Our bedroom, I feel relax when I'm alone. I have more time to think and sleep.

ari tietolman

The only getaway space in my house is the bathroom -- and not because of kids, because of dogs..

food storage

After reading this blog I'm going g to reclaim it and try this 5 minute meditation. I

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