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August 13, 2012



Jessica, i love your writing, I feel like I was a fly on the wall and saw it through your eyes. I love the line, "..significant in its uneventfulness." - like so many other things in life.

Amie aka @mammaLoves

It's amazing how much we can worry about something--and the energy we can waste on it--only to have it happen without us having any control over the situation at all. Thank you for this reminder to let go and let the universe handle things.


I'm so happy that that was it, in a good way.

Nancy at Spinning My Plates

A great story well told. It's nice when things work out well when the focus is where it should be.

Your son is blessed to be loved so much by so many.

Jennifer Burt-Alexander

Very well written and glad to know that you are dealing with two adult men. My eldest daughters father and I were together for about 12 years and we still have a love hate relationship; more hate than love!

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