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April 24, 2012


Lyn Lomasi

Awww how sweet! So happy for you all!


What wonderful news. So happy for you.

Lindsay Ferrier

Wonderful news! I'm so glad Lil E is excited!

Amy Sue Nathan

Truly. You're one of the only people who can make me cry. For which I love and curse you. Well, now we MUST have that brunch before September! xoxo

RookieMom Whitney

OMG, tears. What a precious little monkey you have.

Nancy at Spinning My Plates

Awesome. It's amazing how kids know how to say the exact thing you need to hear at the right time. It's great that you're involving him in the process. Good luck in your search!


Loved this, made me well up. Have a wonderful "next leg of the journey" together, the three of you. Your boy sounds amazing, and I think both men in your life are very lucky to have you.


This almost made me cry. *Sniff. I just have something in my eye.


I love this. You have a great kind. You are doing it right.

Stephanie Precourt (@babysteph)

Oh how exciting. Love to you all!


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