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November 07, 2011



Whoosh...that was powerful.

This is just beautiful, Jess. I am so sorry for the loss on all counts and so, so grateful you had those moments of understanding and connection. What a gift. Also? We should all be remembered so well.

(And I hold on to summer longer, too, every time. I love where you've placed her in time, for always.)

kim/reluctant renovator

I'm sorry for your loss.

amy sue nathan

I am sorry for Darren's loss but glad he has you to help carry it. xoxo


Beautiful tribute Jess. So sorry for Darren's loss. Take care of him


Beautiful. Thank goodness he has you.


Beautifully written. I'm glad you have each other!


What an amazing tribute -- it sounds like you were lucky to have known her, but she was also lucky to have gotten to know you. I have no doubt that knowing you were in her son's life made it easier for her to make this difficult transition. My heart goes out to all of you.


I'm so sorry for your loss! My prayers are with all of you!

Aharon ben Yeruchem

Beautifully written. I was a friend of Judith's, and drove her to and from doctor's appointments during the last several months of her life. She was a wonderful person: smart, funny and full of life, even as she was dying. If her son is anything like her, you have chosen a wonderful partner.


I'm a little late on this, but what a beautiful sentiment and post, So sorry for you Darren's loss-- and i'm so glad you have each other! Much love, thoughts, and prayer coming your way!

Laura H.

Delurking to say what a beautiful, powerfully written tribute to the Not Boyfriend's mother. I was glad to read that you and she reached a more comfortable relationship before the end. I hope her son finds the strength to make it through this; but I'm confident that you will help him as much as a strong woman can; which is to say, quite a bit!

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