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September 29, 2009


Aisle 424

Oh my dear lord, you are the best mom ever for hosting this kick-ass birthday party. I'm sure Lil E doesn't needed this pointed out, but it's appropriate this was his 5th birthday because Luke's X-wing call sign in his assault on the original Death Star was Red Five, and the best movie of the series was Episode V, The Empire Strikes Back.

Jessica Ashley (Sassafrass)

Thank you so much, Aisle 424. I take this very seriously from you.

Lil E will LOVE that you pointed out even more ways FIVE is significant.


Last year when my oldest turned 5 he too had a Star Wars party, shared with his 3 year old brother, and they too loved Jedi Training. However, I had much less help and it was not a costume party and thus it was not nearly this cool looking. This was a super cool party Jess.

Since you shared the music with us (and not to be out-geeked by Aisle 424, though kudos for pointing this out!) here is Luke checking in from his X-Wing right before the assault on the Death Star:

And one of my favorite parts of the first movie (and by first I mean Episode 4)... Han's heart growing three sizes that day (though he was certainly never as heart-shrunken as the Grinch) when he comes back and gets Vader off of Luke's tail...

Amy Sue Nathan

I hope Lil E's life always has such a snazzy soundtrack.

Oh, how I sometimes miss having little kids!

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