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June 22, 2009


Kim/hormone-colored days

I've only seen one episode of the show. I'm sorry for the end of their marriage, but to have their family unraveling filmed and broadcast into millions of homes makes me sick to think about. No amount of money is worth that.

Now off to read about your new found happiness....


i have never been in this situation nut there is one thing i know from breakups in my life. if your relationship is ending the best thing to do is put on the big boy pants and talk with you s.i. about it. you don't go around cheating and get cought. he is just a wussy!


I don't think either of them are angels, but I do believe the stories that Kate is the one who ended the marriage. Her own brother says that she went to Jon over six months ago and told him the marriage was over. He said that she told Jon he could have girlfriends and do what he wanted as long as he showed up for filming. Jon apparently told this to his BIL because he was blindsided and suspected Kate of having an affair with her bodyguard. At the end of the previous season, Jon said on camera that he didn't want to do the show anymore. I suspect that he got "caught" to torpedo the show. It's too bad he didn't consider how the fallout would affect his children.

Bottom line - she's a witch, he's a wimp, and those poor, poor children have lost their childhood to their parents' greed.


I just came across you blog from Ms. Single Mama link . . .
I completely agreee with you~ I watched it last night and I was SOO sad ~much more then I had anticipated:(

I lost all respect for Jon~ how about the part when he said he was'excited'.
I didn't like Kate when I first started watching last year because I thought she was so controlling, then I realized with 8 kids you HAVE to be! I am kind of crazy w/ just raising one one my own!?



I completely agree with you...I felt the similarities to my own situation as well and it was just so sad to see it all play out in such a familiar way. A man justifying abandoning his family because he's "just not in-love the same way" anymore and that it's "not about the other woman." Then going out and partying like a 20 year old as if he wasn't affecting every single person in his family. It doesn't matter how bitchy a woman is, Kate doesn't deserve for him to end their relationship like he was breaking up with his girlfriend. It reminds me SO much of the immature boy that left me for his own girlfriend and the chance to party and escape the reality of marriage and kids. Hello. That is what marriage and kids are...responsibility, hard work, commitment, and unconditional love. Sorry it's not just one big party with lots of sleeping in.

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