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April 28, 2009


Yummy Mammy

Go celebrate in style!!! Divorce is more stressful than getting married, and I speak from experience there my dear. I know some people think it is bad to celebrate the end of a marriage, but when you have been there and done that then you know full well what an absolute relief it is to all be over. Good luck xx

Amy Sue Nathan

I had something similar -- it was a birthday party complete with my oldest best friends from out of town when I turned 39, which was the first birthday I was single, just 2 months after my ex moved out. It was amazing - the support and the fun - and we simply hung out at my house with food and wine but no kids. I also seem to remember singing into fake microphones...


oooh when you spell it "grrrls" i know you mean business


Ohhhh Enjoy the evening with lots of laughter and toasting! I'm guessing that after a few drinks the laugther will increase!! Thank you for the invite, I squealed in delight and then read it to all of my co-workers b/c it was so damn funny! I'm sorry I can't make it, Josh is having surgery that morning. Jack was pushing me to go, but a mama can't leave the boy in post-op!!


You know how you have a bachelorette party to say goodbye to single life? Maybe you should have a re-bachelorette party to restart your single life! Um, oh yeah, and invite me!


Just a side note, regarding the wedding dress dilemma. I felt weird about donating mine to another bride, since my marriage didn't work, but I didn't want to keep it, and it was too old to sell. So, I donated it to a group that re-makes them into funeral garments for still born and premature infants who pass away. They also make small keepsake items for the parents and siblings. I don't remember the exact name, but it was something like Helping Angels in Need, Angels something? I found them on the web. I had my parents take the tax donation, since they were the ones who originally bought the dress for me.


Woohoo! Mine's coming up soon...very soon!

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