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October 12, 2008



I so wish you weren't going through all of this. But just remember Phil 4:13.

MJ Tam


Your heart is fierce! And today is October 12, 2008 and I thank you for sharing this with us.


this is a lovely post. and I always heartily encourage the purchase of flowers AND ho shoes.


I was thinking of you...the 12th is always a big day at our house...but immediately under the surface is you. As you were so close to my heart that day and you always will be. Every year when I celebrate Jay I will celebrate you, the incredibly brilliant you! Love, Kate


I knew I loved you already but this post just confirmed it. I am head over heels for you.

Jessica Ashley (Sassafrass)

You know, I am all teary from these comments and all the love you all give me. Thank you. I am so humbled and blessed and happy for that.


I am a ball of tears catching up on you today. You are truly fierce and I am proud to know you. I only wished we lived closer. My mom threw a divorce party when her divorce was final...I am thinking we really need to do that. I want to come to Chicago!!!! Who's in????

Jessica Ashley (Sassafrass)

Oh. Mah. Gaw! Lia, you are welcome here any old time. Let's do it! You bring the booze I've got enough whore shoes to go around!

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