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September 18, 2008


sarah gilbert

awww, sweetie. i'm glad you're standing up for yourself. and i'm glad you're seeing the beauty in the ugliness. prayers/thoughts/hugs are with you.


Yay for yelling. Feels so good sometimes to get that shit out.


Thank you so much for updating us...I have been wondering how it went. My soon-to-be told me today that he's going to fight so I'm filing the papers Monday morning and asking for temporary child support. I already filed bankruptcy when the credit union that had ALLL of our marital debt refused to work with me so all of that is on him. He's planning to file bankruptcy as well but he's holding off till after the divorce so that he can play the victim...I dumped all those debts on him. I'm scared to death of what the next few months hold for me but you're giving me hope. We are strong women and we can...we MUST...take care of ourselves and our children. Bless you!


Well, this takes me back. Sigh. Divorce comes in a series of steps. Baby steps sometimes. You are getting there, wherever "there" is. There is so much compromise and letting go and deciding what's really important involved, at least there was for me. It was either that or engage in warfare indefinitely. I learned more in the 2 years it took to get divorced than I did in the 10 years of marriage. And so it goes. All you can do is keep breathing.

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