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September 22, 2008



What a smart woman you are. To realize already that while you would never wish to go through that again, you can choose to take the best learnings and turn them into a happier life for you and your son. I didn't walk in your shoes, but I think we shopped at the same shoe department. I don't wish it on anyone, but boy am I glad to be wiser today -- and happier, too, having come out on the other side.


You are: smart, beautiful, strong, resilient, capable, so loved, and so admired. You are my sistah and I am so happy (and relieved) to see you come out of this with such a clear perspective on what is right, important, true.

I am honored to call you friend, friend.


I'm glad you're in that place now, with a little of the hurt gone. It will get better, you know it will, with each passing day, hour, month . . .


Great post.

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