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August 06, 2008



beautiful. I just can't say it enough, a woman filled with grace and beauty raising a child filled with grace and beauty. Love you!


i know this will make you want to kick me in the shins, but your beauty and strength shine through when you write this..

honestly, totally gorgeous and touching.


sarah gilbert

what they said. wow, i couldn't be this loving and lovely in a time like this. i feel sad for e but so happy he has you.


It's clear to me that you have the heart, strength and courage to move forward gracefully......and you've got yourself one special 4 year old angel that holds you close to his heart...


Wow great post. Ms. Single Mama has you linked on her page, so I thought I would check you out. Good stuff!


You and I are going through the same thing, though my son is about to turn 3.

I look forward to reading about your journey into this new world.

All Adither

Divorce with littles involved sounds positively brutal. Beautiful post.

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