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December 12, 2007



when mark and i were separated and as we enivitably will be again...this was the hardest thing to eplain to the boys. they also refused to talk on the phone to him..or visit him. there were so many many sleepless nights for them. my prayers are with you. you are doing an amzing job!


Again, your grace is simply amazing. You are an incredible mother, I know there are no end-of-the-year awards for mama's but you deserve a big ass star! Hug yourself from all of us.


I just clicked on a link from blog her ads and starting reading you and now I can't stop. I wish you all the best of everything.


Your words are so bittersweet to me and hit so close to home. Like so many other women in this world, I've been helping my boys navigate through the scary world of divorce. It's been 10, almost 11 years for us and it does get easier but it's still part of who we are.
I admire and respect your focus and love for your baby and hope you don't mind me checking back often to see how you both are doing.


As a stepmom, I admire you so so so much for trying to help your son adjust to the new situations around him. It's obvious you are putting him first and trying to take care of his needs above all else. That is awesome.


I remember overhearing Ariel in a conversation with a new friend once about 4 years ago...i heard her say, "I have two homes..." It literally made my heart break, even though she'd had two homes for nearly 3 years. BUT, she was totally matter-of-fact about it and completely she still is. Next year, we will be moving to Colorado and there will be a whole new "sitchy-ation" to work out, since her dad will obviously not come with us. I'm only telling you all this so you know that you are right...your boy will be just fine...and so will you! xoxox

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