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A Twitter User

I hope you chose the grey dress. So pretty!


Rawrrrr! You looked SO hawt!! That is SO awesome that you fit into a smaller size! woot.

I think that you bought the party dress. I bought the fushia one you spoke of:) I couldn't help myself...

Annette D

I think that you went with the casual holiday and that is what I would choose myself.

Mrs. Money

Perfect party!

Linda V

The office to party dress=it looked great.


I heart the casual look, but I think you bought office-to-party. Because you make the Bombay Sapphire chilling in the next room look DAMN good.

Jessica Ashley (Sassafrass)

I am LOVING the comments. I wish you'd all been there in the dressing room with me (we'd be squished but we'd be having a squealy good time).

I'll stay hush about which I chose for a bit longer, but keep the comments rolling in, ladies! And do share which look you'd choose for yourself. I love hearing that.


I love your office to party look!


Jess, you're GAW-JUS! How much do I love that hair on you? And I'm hoping you chose the boyfriend jeans and the bomber jacket, b/c a) it's what I'd choose and b) I bet that jacket was spendy and I know no one who deserves a hot, spendy jacket more than you, darlin'.


I like the office to party look and I think that's the one you bought! :)



Wow!! You really rocked every look! Damn!! All 3 are awesome, sooo hard to choose. Perfect Party Dress was just that 'perfect'..hmmmmm, but really loving the the tank and the leather bomber. Gonna go with look #1 (jeans, tank, bomber & booties) something new for you and stepping out of the box a little with this one!


Oh, I can't decide! You so rock the sequins but I think you probably love the dress!


Okay, how cute are you! All three looks, adorable (French accent-level adorable)! Hmmmm, searching the text for hints, slip-ups, vaguely changed details or unintentional disclosures. The plum knit dress throws me off -- does a girl need more than one knit dress? Where I live, no. In Chicago, sure. But a Chicago girl also needs that white coat. So, that's it, you bought the third look. Final answer.
As for me, I wind up looking too butch when I wear look number one (big shoulders), and I can't do wide belts (I look like a Weeble). But I could rock -- in an office to rock show way -- look No. 2. Sorry. You didn't want a dissertation.
PS Went to Loft website ... when did it get so affordable?


Your perfect party look is adorable!!

Rachel Hulstein

I love the office-to-party look! The dress looks fabulous on you!

Kelsey Kim

I think you bought the office-to-party look, although they all look great!!


I say the adorable houndstooth dress-just way too cute!


i bet you got the office-to-party one! am i right? i'm all casual and i LOVE that store!


The office to party look would be best on me, but I bet you bought the perfect party look!


I love the Office to Party look and I think it's the one you bought. It looks great on you.


I like outfit #3!! I could see myself wearing that cute dress!


I like outfit #2 - a nice casual, good for any event and/or the office look!


I like the perfect party outfit. I look at that dress every time I go in the store!


I really liked outfit #3! You look great!


I think the perfect party look!! I love the coat.

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